The Foresters

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The ForestersThe ForestersThe ForestersEvanLiamHayden
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The Foresters , a set on Flickr.


AMNH 3×3

AMNH 3×3, originally uploaded by Area Bridges.

I took my son to the American Museum of Natural History and dragged my viewfinder camera along. (I may have that reversed.) The square frames with rounded edges make TtV (“through the viewfinder”) pictures look a bit like old glass slides, which fits nicely with the views on display at a natural history museum. I’ve always thought there’s something wonderfully creepy about wildlife dioramas: dead things in ‘lifelike’ poses. Every child needs a little cognitive dissonance, after all!

High school 3×3

High school 3×3, originally uploaded by Area Bridges.

My old high school, caught during February vacation. It’s set to be torn down once its replacement is finished next door. Nine TtV (“through the viewfinder”) images arranged in my preferred grid formation.